How to Protect yourself and your Home from Harsh Winter Storms

Jan 06 2014

You think winter storm Hercules is bad? Minnesota has seen worse! Check out some of the worst winter weather conditions on record in Minnesota and find out what you can do to protect yourself and your home from extreme winter storm conditions.  Minnesota winters can be some of the harshest and coldest in the country.

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2014 has rolled in with quite a vengeance as winter storm Hercules has driven even the coldest weather enthusiasts and winter sports venues to completely shutdown. In fact, much of the state has “shut their doors” until the state has started to thaw itself out.  As the state is shutting down, Rapid Restoration is just warming up and getting ready to help you and your family get out of a bind. Rapid Restoration is here to help with burst or frozen pipes and other disasters that happen during these extreme winter conditions.

They have seen it all, so check out some of their tips to keep your home and family protected from the freezing temperatures that have rolled in across much of the country.  Here are some things you should be  doing to protect your home and family from the arctic conditions.

First of all, don’t expect your car to start.  That’s right, most cars will be  doing the same thing as you should be during these extreme temperatures, hibernating. This means, if you don’t get the  supplies you need in advanced, you may be stuck without  for a few days.

Even if you have what you need, it can be difficult to protect  yourself and your home from these extreme cold weather conditions. Follow these inexpensive and easy tips:

1. Experts suggest running your water frequently at warm temperatures to keep your pipes from freezing.

2. Spray foam can be a money and time saver in an emergency situation, especially with small leaks or gaps.

3. When it comes to small areas space heaters can also be a big help. They save energy and keep your furnace from overworking when weather takes a turn for the worst.

4. Running special electric cables along pipe lines can keep your pipes from freezing.

5. Keep a blanket, sand and a shovel on hand when winter storms roll into town. Some suggest keeping these items in your car at all times, as well as your gas tank at least half full and your cell phone completely charged.

6. Keeping food and extra clothing in your car is another good idea with below zero temperatures on the horizon.

If you do have to go out, keep in mind that flesh can completely freeze within a ten minute time period with temperatures of -30. If conditions reach -50 below, you can expect to have 5 minutes or less for frostbite to start setting in.

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