How to Protect Your Home From Harsh Winter Storms

Jan 06 2014

You think winter storm Hercules was bad? Minnesota has seen worse! Check out some of the worst winter weather conditions on record in Minnesota and find out what you can do to protect yourself and your home from extreme winter storm conditions.

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How to Prepare for Winter Storms

First of all, don’t expect your car to start. That’s right, most cars will be doing the same thing as you should be during these extreme temperatures, hibernating. This means if you don’t get the supplies you need in advance, you may be stuck without for a few days.

Even if you have what you need, it can be difficult to protect yourself and your home from these extreme cold weather conditions. Follow these inexpensive and easy tips to make sure that you and your home stay nice and warm this winter

Prevent Frozen Pipes

A frozen pipe can lead to a burst pipe, which means you’ll be faced with costly repairs and potentially no running water. There are a number of ways to prevent frozen pipes in your home, including:

  • Run your water frequently at warm temperatures.
  • Keep your furnace running at the same temperature both day and night, so your pipes aren’t affected by the colder temperatures at night.
  • Install special electric cables along pipelines if you want to take extra measures.

A closeup of a frozen and burst pipe.

Winterize Your Home

Before winter officially starts, properly insulate your home and seal any small cracks or leaks in your home. Keep spray foam insulation in your home, as it can be a money and time saver in an emergency situation, especially with small leaks or gaps that let cold air in your home. Read our winter maintenance checklist to get a full list of everything you can do to winterize your home before the first snows hit.

Invest in a Space Heater

When it comes to small areas, space heaters can be a big help. They save energy and keep your furnace from overworking when weather takes a turn for the worst. If your furnace breaks during a winter storm, you can keep warm with a space heater, just make sure that doors and windows are closed to maximize the heat in your space.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Prepare an emergency kit both for your home and your car. Your home emergency kit should include a first aid kit, food, water, and extra blankets and clothes. To make sure your car is ready, keep a blanket, kitty litter, and a shovel on hand when winter storms roll in. Some suggest keeping these items in your car at all times, as well as making sure your gas tank is at least half full and keeping your cell phone completely charged.

Learn more about what should go into a car’s winter survival kit.

Watch Out for Ice Dams

Ice dams can form on your roof, especially if the weather shifts quickly from warm to cold. Know the signs of ice dams and how to prevent them so you aren’t caught with a broken roof in the middle of winter. If you suspect you have an ice dam forming on your roof, don’t wait. Give a professional a call to safely remove it.

Are You Prepared for Winter?

Don’t get caught in the middle of winter unprepared. Take the steps now to make sure that you can stay safe even when it’s below freezing. If a winter storm has damaged your home, Rapid Restoration can help remove ice dams and repair any storm damage. If you find yourself faced with a winter emergency, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 612-999-1812! We offer a 24-hour emergency response team that can get to your home fast!

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