Minnesota Local Disaster Preparedness Resources

Apr 21 2014

In the event of a disaster or other emergency situation, knowing what resources are available for recovery is important. What’s more, having resources for planning and organization before a disaster can help you better prepare your home or business, protect yourself, and preserve valuable possessions. Assessing available local resources–including state and federal information portals–is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with specific risks and dedicated responses to emergency situations in your area. Here are a few for Minnesota.


City of Minneapolis


The official site of the City of Minneapolis features information on personal and citywide preparedness and ways in which you can help. Volunteer information and recent news on activities and preparation initiatives are covered here, as well as links to more information on personal disaster preparation


Minnesota Red Cross


The Red Cross is a good resource for disaster preparation and volunteer opportunities. There are also news and events about blood drives, donations, and volunteering. You can also find information on emergency shelters and community disaster relief efforts. For planning and getting involved in your local community, the Red Cross is a great resource.


Minnesota Dept of Public Safety


The Department of Public Safety has comprehensive disaster planning and response information for individuals, families, and local businesses. From training to specific disaster planning, you can find local recovery information through this detailed resource.




The federal government maintains current disaster alerts and news on the FEMA website. Here, you can find detailed information on preparation before, during, and after a disaster, response and recovery information, and tips for businesses in the wake of disasters. There are also numerous links to other helpful federal disaster information and relief sites.

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