Minneapolis Heroes Breakfast

May 12 2014

heroes breakfastThere are hundreds of heroes in our community who work long hours to keep our homes, schools, and businesses safe. These brave men and women face disasters head on, working tirelessly to keep the community and those around them safe. Because of this, the American Red Cross will honor them with a breakfast in Minneapolis on June 5th from 7 to 9.

Along with breakfast, rewards will be presented. These recipients have already been nominated by those within our community, and will be chosen by the 2014 Heroes Breakfast National Committee. There are a few different categories in which our local heroes will be recognized:

  • Good samaritan – this award is given to someone who has shown courage and compassion when faced with a significant and unusual event, one that was not expected yet still accomplished efficiently.

  • Community – an individual who has shown leadership and commitment to the community and through this made a significant impact will be given this award

  • First responder – this award will be given to either an individual or group part of the public service community who went well above the call of duty. This includes firefighters, EMS, or law enforcement.

  • Give life – those whose blood and platelet donations have made a significant difference in saving lives and improving the health of patients in the community will be up for this award.

  • Military – to honor those who have made a significant impact for the military community, whether they are part of the Armed Forces, ROTC, or a civilian.

  • Youth good samaritan – this will be given to someone under 21 years of age who has shown courage and compassion in potentially disastrous circumstances.

All the brave men and women who have been nominated for these awards deserve to be honored for their service to our community. Rapid Restoration is proud to have the opportunity to celebrate their service and dedication. There are still open seats to be purchased for the 2014 Breakfast. Take part in their recognition at the Hilton in Minneapolis, taking the time to appreciate what they have done.

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