Creating Your Bug Out Shelter: Helpful Tips

Jul 07 2014


No matter what you are preparing for, a bug out shelter is an essential for many. This is a means by which you can escape from the events going on in the city, removed from hazards that may be going on here. Before creating your bug out shelter, there are a few things to consider. Check these things before a disaster has the chance to happen. This will be beneficial in giving you peace of mind, and helping to ensure you will have a safe place to go in case of emergency.

The Location


Location is everything when it comes to the bug out shelter. The right location will make all the difference, ensuring safety in potentially dangerous situations. When choosing the location for your shelter, make sure to consider these things:

The distance from your home needs to be considered. While it can’t be so far away it isn’t attainable in disaster situations, it needs to be far enough removed from danger. If your bug out shelter is designed specifically because you live in a flood zone, make sure it is located out of the way of a flood.
Does your bug out shelter have access to water? If there are no running water lines to this location, it is crucial to have enough water packed here for an emergency situation. This is the most essential item you need for survival.
While it is important to choose a secluded location, your bug out shelter must be accessible to you no matter the circumstances. Choose a place that you know you can reach despite the elements.

Put some careful consideration into the location of your bug out shelter before setting up shop. This will make all the difference in the effectiveness of the shelter.

The Supplies

sleeping bag

While a good shelter is a must, it won’t do you any good with the proper supplies inside. In addition to having a bug out bag in your home and car that you can use at a moments notice, it is important to have these supplies at your bug out shelter. This is especially important considering you don’t know just how long you could be stuck in a certain situation. Make sure to consider how many people will potentially be retreating to this bug out shelter, and what all will be needed. Some of the supplies to consider are:

  • water – this is the most essential thing to consider. A person cannot live for more than three days without water.
  • personal water filters – if there is a natural source of water near by, this may be the best solution for providing a clean option of water.
  • extra clothes for every season
  • first aid kit
  • plastic tarps
  • sleeping bags
  • hat
  • flashlights with batteries
  • cooking supplies
  • fire-starter
  • radio
  • essential medical supplies
  • necessary tools
  • an ax

All of these tools can be used for survival, although some might need to be altered to fit your exact needs. Make sure your bug out shelter is prepared for anything that may be thrown your way. By making any necessary changes and additions to your bug out shelter, constantly keeping it updated, you will better prepare yourself for a disaster situation.

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