The Importance of a Fire Escape Ladder

Jul 21 2014

Being prepared for any situation in your home is essential. In the United States alone it is estimated that there are between 350,000 and 400,000 fires every year. These fires can reach as much as $8 billion in total damages throughout the states. As alarming as this is, it is even more disturbing that the United States has one of the highest rates of fire related deaths all across the industrialized world.

Take the steps in your home to ensure safety should the worst happen. If you live in a home that has a higher story than the main level, invest in a fire escape ladder for added protection. This could be your only means of escape in a potentially life threatening situation.

The Right Type

A row of fire escape ladders on an old building.

There are two main types of home escape ladders that can be invested in. Look into the needs of your home and determine which of these will be a better fit for your situation:

Permanent escape ladders – these are attached directly to the side of your home and will offer an escape should a fire erupt at your residence. These are already built into the home and cannot be removed easily.

Portable escape ladders – these can be moved from place to place and easily attach to the window of a home for an easy escape. Make sure that there is one of these available for every second and third story window in case of emergency.

No matter what type of escape you choose to go with, make sure it is one that is strong enough to withstand an emergency situation. Nothing would be worse than getting to the critical moment and realizing that you aren’t going to have the escape you thought you would. Instead make sure you are safe with equipment you can trust.

Plan Ahead

Permanent fire escape ladders on the side of a building.

Before a fire occurs, it is important to plan ahead. This begins with a home escape plan. Everyone living in your home should become familiar with the home escape plan, and what to do in this dangerous situation. Every room should have a designated escape route that can be followed should the worst happen. Make additional plans for pets, the elderly, and any children that live in the home.

Part of the home escape plan will include teaching those in the house how to use the fire escape ladder. For the more common portable option, they are often made from aluminum with rigid bars for the rungs. Teach those in the house how to hook the ladder to the window, then use the rungs to climb down. Make sure to practice this beforehand.

A fire escape ladder is crucial for those whose homes are higher than one story. Make sure you know how to use one before a fire damages your home. This will help ensure your safety in the worst situations, helping to protect you and your loved ones.

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