Preparing Your Home for Fall Disasters

Sep 08 2014

Fall is quickly approaching and with that comes many unique challenges as the seasons change, moving to colder weather. Depending on the region you live in, this cold weather could spell disaster for your home. Make the changes necessary to better protect your yard and home, preventing damage from occurring.



While wildfires are typically thought of as a summer worry, they can occur into the dry months of fall as well. This natural disaster can happen anywhere throughout the United States, but is most commonly found in areas that have seen drought, especially in forests or grasslands. These types of fires will spread quickly, creating a path of destruction. Homes built close to these areas may be in danger of damage. Keep yourself up to date on these types of happenings, being prepared to leave at a moments notice with a disaster kit. When an evacuation order is given in your area, do not hesitate to leave, instead evacuating as soon as possible.

Staying Warm


Not all disasters happen on the large scale, or even occur from natural forces. Some fall disasters happen within the walls of our homes, and could be easily prevented with a few easy steps. Have your heating system checked for leaks or other problems. This danger is all too common once the furnace turns on. Ensure you have a carbon monoxide detector as well, to prevent dangerous gases from emitting in the home. Protect your family from these dangers. In addition to this, other methods of warming or lighting the house in winter can be dangerous. When lighting a candle, or using the fireplace, only do so when someone is there to monitor it. Make sure the fire is out completely before leaving the room.

Clean the Rain Gutters

Removing leaves from a gutter.

Your rain gutters are designed to stop rain from falling directly against your home where it can seep into the foundation. Over a long period of time this process will lead to cracking of the cement, as well as mold from leaking water. Rain gutters work to stop this danger, but they can only function if they are free of debris. Clean out leaves, dirt, and garbage from the gutters this fall, allowing them to function more effectively in the coming seasons.

The Roof


Your roof will protect you against a number of dangerous problems, ranging from weather related to man made issues. Make sure before the storms of winter hit that your roof is in its best condition. It is better to find a leak now than later when your home is riddled with water damage and mold. Attend to shingles that have been damaged, fixing them before your roof is covered in snow.

Protect your home from the disasters of fall, make these changes as soon as possible. By taking these steps from the beginning, you will more easily deal with weather and natural problems thrown your way.

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