Melting Snow Leads to Water Damage and Mold

Mar 17 2015

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As warmer weather comes with spring and the snow melts, water damage may soon become a problem for homeowners. As the snow and ice melt problems in your roof, foundation, and other areas of your home will be open to water. Not only can this cause water damage, but mold will follow. Avoid these problems in your home through proper planning before spring and being aware during these warmer months. Through this you can avoid both water and mold damage.

The Windows

Icicles hanging in the roof

A surprising amount of energy is lost through windows that aren’t properly sealed. In addition to this, moisture can seep through, making this a common place for both water damage and mold. During rainstorms, water hitting against the windows can cause problems over time, from insulation damage to structural problems.

Before rain storms start:

  • check the caulking around windows for cracks
  • replace the caulking as necessary
  • ensure your windows are double pane, more easily able to withstand the elements

Roof and Ceiling

It is imperative to check your roof before snow comes in the fall for broken shingles. Check where appliances are on your roof, ensuring the seal between them is in tact. A leak in the roof can go undetected for some time. Because most people don’t spend very much time in the attic if any at all, water damage can quickly turn to mold. Before you’re in need of mold remediation, be more aware of potential leaks in your roof. Some of the signs of water damage coming from the roof or ceiling are:

  • water stains on the ceiling
  • areas that are darker than others
  • paint bubbling

These issues may be caused by pipes in your attic, or snow melt. Check your attic during this time, looking for obvious water stains. If any are found, take action immediately to protect your home.


Icicles in the roof

When the snow melts, it is crucial your gutters are still in place. Extreme loads of snow can sometimes damage the gutters. When this happens, snow and water will run down the sides of your home, seeping into the foundation. This can not only damage the foundation, but lead to water damage in the basement. Protect your home, examine the gutters as the snow melts to ensure they are still working.

As spring begins to melt the snow, watch for water damage, and the mold to follow. Stop these problems before they can become big issues in your home. If you’ve discovered a big problem in your home, call Rapid Restoration. We specialize in mold cleanup, even black mold removal. Don’t let the problem grow in your home, fix it as early as possible.

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