The Process of Fire and Smoke Restoration

Aug 06 2015

RESTORATIONHaving a home or business suffer from fire is a significant loss both physically and emotionally. It can be overwhelming to think about the road to recovery and the loss that needs to be made up. When fires happen, we have a process of recovery that allows us to take care of the physical damage so you can focus on the rest. Here is an explanation of the steps we’ll go through to make sure things get back in order as soon as possible.


Once the fire has been contained, we’ll bring in our crews to board-up any holes in your home that resulted from the fire. This includes things like broken windows, burnt doors and holes in your roof. If these openings are left unsecured the property is at risk of vandalism and intrusions.

Contents Cleaning and Restoration

Often times this is one the most difficult parts of the cleanup process. At this point we evaluate the remaining damage and determine what can be restored and what will need to be replaced. The items that can be restored are cared for to see that they are back to how they were before the fire.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Smoke can cause a huge mess on a property and is a big job to sanitize and deodorize. Fortunately, we have a cleaning system that can tackle both.

Recovering Emotionally

Like we said, we want things to be back to normal so the victim of fire damage can take the time to recover emotionally. Practice stress-reduction technics and make small decisions in order to feel in control of your life again. Set time aside to focus on recovering.

We realize the sensitivity of losing something like a home or an office to fire and smoke. While there is a lot to do to recover, it is a process that you don’t have to take upon yourself because we specialize in making this recovery process easier.

Want to learn more about how to best prevent a house fire from happening in the first place? Check out our complete guide to fire damage!

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