National Preparedness Month: The PrepareAthon

Sep 21 2015

Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” We couldn’t agree more! If you do not prepare for a natural disaster, you’ll have major difficulties getting out of a disaster situation.

National Preparedness Month

Preparing for a natural disaster usually gets shutterstock_101441059pushed back on our list of things to do. We are busy with day-to-day life and a preparedness plan doesn’t seem as urgent as picking up the kids from school or finishing your work before the weekend starts. We all have excuses. However, September is the official National Preparedness Month. This gives us the chance to prepare and stop procrastinating.


One of the big events going on during National Preparedness Month is the nation-wide PrepareAthon. This is a campaign established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) focusing on increasing community preparedness and resilience. To participate in the PrepareAthon we’re invited to:

    • Take Action-check out to find downloadable disaster playbooks and guides on how to prepare. Use the available ‘Day of Action’ checklist to see that all preparations are met. Make a plan for your family including details of where to meet and who to call were a disaster to happen.
    • Be Countedfind activities in your local neighborhood that will educate you and your community on disasters that are likely to happen in your region and how to prepare for them.
    • Spread the Word-after preparing yourself and your family, spread the word so that your friends can be safe too.

Avoid being unprepared in the face of a disaster by deciding now to take action. Communicate your plan to others and ask for ideas an input. You never know when a disaster will happen so it’s best to prepare now.

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