September is National Preparedness Month: Will You Be Ready?

Aug 22 2016

Will you be prepared when a disaster strikes? Each September this questioned is revisited. There’s always more we can do to better prepare ourselves, our places of business, our homes, and our families for the unpredictable. September is National Preparedness Month sponsored by, with support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It’s vitally important, and necessary for you to know what to do to prepare for any disaster. If you’re not prepared when chaos arrives, it could be too late to do anything at all.

Each week of September is based on a theme, ranging from preparing yourself to preparing others through service. Week one is a lead-up to official weekly themes, so we’ll start with week two, from September 4-10, all leading up to National PrepareAthon Day on September 30.

National Preparedness Month runs officially from August 28-September 30.

Week 2: Preparing With Family and Friends

You can’t help others if you’re not prepared. suggests making an emergency communications plan detailing meeting spots, phone number, and other vital information related to communication. Here’s a brief rundown of what should be included in your plan.

  • Phone numbers: Mom, Dad, Uncles, Aunts, Siblings, etc.
  • Neighborhood meeting place: Pick a place easy to remember and easy to find.
  • School information
  • Work information
  • Family contacts: siblings, nearby relatives, friends
  • Medical contacts: everything from doctors to specialists
  • Insurance info

Download this handy plan for parents.

Do your kids want something funner and easier to understand? Here’s an emergency communications sheet for kids.

Week 3: Preparing Through Service

Parents and siblings can transition into an emergency easier when everyone is prepared, knows where to meet, and has all the necessary information. The same can be said for community preparation. Here are some ideas from on how to get involved in your community’s emergency preparation.

  • Get involved in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team): CERT members make sure neighbors are safe following  a disaster, learn traffic and crowd control, inform community members on how to receive emergency alters, and staff emergency operations centers. Join a CERT.
  • Join of or more of the thousands of organizations focused on community help. —>

Week 4: Personal Preparedness

A lightning or thunder storm can strike without warning. Or can it? Week four of Emergency Preparedness Month is all about staying up to date on emergency alters in your area so you can take the necessary safety steps. We suggest you download the FEMA app for emergency alerts, updates, and safety information.

Week 5: Lead up to National Day of Action

Week 5 is a culmination of all the personal and community preparation leading up to National PrepareAthon Day on September 30. This is a chance to learn more about the specific disasters in your area, spread the word to your community and friends, and log that information online. Activities will happen around the country aimed at increasing disaster preparation.

Your Rapid Response Team

At Rapid Restoration, we support National Preparation Week. We believe understanding the dangers that exist in Minnesota and how to prepare for severe water, wind, snow, and storms is essential to living a happy, stress-free lifestyle. Give us a call for restoration needs and damage repair anytime of day or night.

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