Four Weather Resistant Tips to Toughen Up Your Home

Nov 09 2016


Is your home ready for winter? Protect your home from disaster by following these 4 easy tips.

Making the Interior and Exterior Weather Resistant

Making your home more resilient to storms requires looking at both the exterior and interior of the home to ensure that infrastructure and appliances are in good order.

Remove Roof Snow

Snow and ice accumulation on the roof is a concern to the weight capacity of most roofs. As snow falls and builds up on your roof, it is important to regularly clear the roof of excess snow to safeguard it from water damage and excess stress. Click here to find a roof rake.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Burst pipes are are a leading cause of water damage during the winter months. Pipes can easily freeze and rupture with temperature changes such as rapid warming. The water expands as it freezes and can cause pressure to build until the pipe ruptures. Insulating pipes– especially ones along exterior walls–is important during the late fall and throughout winter.

Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams form as snow melt runs down the roof and seeps into walls and gutters. Dams are most often created by poorly insulated roofs and debris buildup in gutters, leaving nowhere for the water to drain. Over time, ice dams can cause serious damage.

Seal All Openings

Weatherstripping and sealing cracks and openings around the doors and windows is one of the best ways to both protect your home’s interior and keep warm or cool air inside, depending on the season. You’ll also save money on your energy build as your home becomes more efficient.

Consider upgrading single pane windows to double pane for better insulation. Letting warm air out and cold air in is obviously a concern during the winter. Ensure all openings are sealed.

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