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Rapid Restorations’ Complete Guide to Water Damage

Feb 19 2018

Water damage can be scary and hard to deal with, which is why we’ve compiled a guide about everything you should know about water damage. Are you wondering how you can prevent water from damaging your home? Did you come home to a flooded basement and don’t know what to do? Be prepared to handle…

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What Is Your Dream Home?

Feb 09 2018

If you could have any kind of home, what would your dream home be? Take our quiz to find out!

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Worst Natural Disasters in Minnesota

Jan 19 2018

Minnesota has its fair share of natural disasters, whether it’s a fire, flood, or heavy snowstorm. Here are just a few highlights of the worst natural disasters in Minnesota history. Has Your Home or Business Been Hit by a Natural Disaster? Has your home or business been hit by a natural disaster as bad as…

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Natural Disaster Risks in Minnesota

Dec 19 2017

Different places have different natural disaster risks. If you live in Minnesota, it’s important to know what you and your home may face, whether it’s an earthquake, flood, or fire. The more you know, the more you can be prepared if you’re faced with a natural disaster. Here are some of the common natural disaster…

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Mold: How to Eliminate it and Prevent it from Coming Back

Nov 30 2017

Discovering mold in your home can be horrifying. You’re wondering how it got there and if it’s harmful to your family’s health, right? We’re no stranger to homeowners feeling this way, which is why we work so hard to take care of this nasty problem and ensure it never comes back. What about you though?…

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Gas Leaks: How to Find and Handle Them

Oct 18 2017

Discovering a gas leak in your home can be something both frightening and incredibly frustrating. No one wants to find that gas has been leaking in your home for both health and sanitary reasons. At Rapid Restoration, we want you to be prepared to handle gas leaks of all types, no matter how they occur….

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Grease Fires: How to Extinguish and Prevent

Sep 06 2017

The most common cause of household fires is an unattended stove or oven. Kitchen fires can cause massive damage and panic, but if you’re prepared for it, you can easily put the fire out, lessen the damage from the smoke and flames, and know how to prevent future fires. One of the most common types…

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What is Water Damage Restoration?

May 24 2017

Water damage restoration is the process before or after water has leaked or flooded into/on a surface. Flooding and similar accidents can be remedied by companies that handle water damage. Restoring water damage may be a process of: Identifying the source Assessing the damage Water removal through dehumidifying or suction Repair and Restoration Companies are…

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What to do in the Moments After a Water Disaster

Feb 17 2017

What should you do in the 24 hours after a water disaster?

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Building Your Car’s Winter Survival Kit

Jan 09 2017

Your car is need of an emergency kit. Here’s what you need to put in it.

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