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Gas Leaks: How to Find and Handle Them

Oct 18 2017

Discovering a gas leak in your home can be something both frightening and incredibly frustrating. No one wants to find that gas has been leaking in your home for both health and sanitary reasons. At Rapid Restoration, we want you to be prepared to handle gas leaks of all types, no matter how they occur….

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What to do in the Moments After a Water Disaster

Feb 17 2017

What should you do in the 24 hours after a water disaster?

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Spooky Home Disasters You Should Avoid If Possible

Oct 27 2016

You may want to think twice before attempting DIY plumbing.

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How Long Do My Home Appliances Last? A Quick Quide

Sep 22 2016

Home appliances make your life easier. How long do they last? And how much can you expect to pay to replace them 5-10 years down the road?

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