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What Causes Chimney Fires?

Sep 21 2018

As fall and winter approach you might want to warm up the house with a lovely fire! Before you do, it’s important that you take the proper precautions to prevent any dangerous fires that could damage your home. Common Causes of Chimney Fires Didn’t know your chimney could catch fire? It might seem ironic, but…

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Your Complete Guide to Fire Damage

Apr 12 2018

It can be stressful if your home has been damaged by fire. Not only do you have to deal with putting it out, which can cause water damage, you also have to worry about smoke, soot, and general cleanup and repairs. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide so you can know how to prevent fires,…

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Grease Fires: How to Extinguish and Prevent

Sep 06 2017

The most common cause of household fires is an unattended stove or oven. Kitchen fires can cause massive damage and panic, but if you’re prepared for it, you can easily put the fire out, lessen the damage from the smoke and flames, and know how to prevent future fires. One of the most common types…

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June is National Safety Awareness Month

Jun 07 2016

June is National Safety Awareness Month. Here’s a few tips from the National Safety Council to take home to your families and to discuss at your workplace.

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Preparing Your Home for the Extreme Cold

Jan 12 2016

Extreme cold conditions can pose a serious threat to your home and family if you’re unprepared. Maintaining the home and keeping adequate emergency supplies on hand will keep you safe and take away the stress associated with potentially harsh winter conditions.

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Nov 23 2015

Thanksgiving is here and we all get busy with family, food, and fun! Be safe this holiday and remember these tips to keep you safe.

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What We Can Learn From Western U.S. Wildfires

Sep 04 2015

Over seven million acres destroyed after battling blazing wildfires in seven of the Western United States –California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. What we can learn for this.

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The Process of Fire and Smoke Restoration

Aug 06 2015

Having a home or business suffer from fire is a significant loss both physically and emotionally. Here is the process of fire and smoke restoration explained.

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Preventing Heating and Electrical Fires

Oct 13 2014

As the weather gets colder, the heat comes on and supplemental heating devices emerge from the closet. When using these devices it is important to practice safe operation in order to prevent fires or other electrical accidents from occurring. Improper use and negligence can easily lead to fires, especially as the weather is transitioning and…

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Saving for a Disaster: Helpful Tips

Sep 16 2014

Disaster savings accounts are an extremely valuable thing to have. In the event of a disaster you will need a financial plan as much as an emergency response plan. Financial relief, in the end, is some of the most important relief after a disaster. Saving for a disaster is not much different than saving for…

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