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What Natural Disasters are Covered by Insurance?

Oct 05 2022

Natural disasters are inevitable, which is why it’s vital to make sure your property is insured against damages. Read our blog for a list of what damages are most likely covered by insurance.

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Top Home Insurance Companies in Minnesota

Dec 09 2021

Protect your home and your family with a home insurance policy. Discover some of the top home insurance companies in the state of Minnesota to find the right coverage for you.

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Home Insurance vs Home Warranty: Be Ready for an Emergency!

Aug 09 2021

Your home is a part of you and we know you’d do anything to protect it. When looking at insurance, you’ve probably heard the terms home insurance and home warranty, but what’s the difference? Learn about the difference and which one is right for you.

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Large Loss & Business: How to Get Your Company Running Again

Jan 15 2021

Your business isn’t just another business, it is your livelihood. Rapid Restoration understands this and serves to clean and restore your business to exactly what it was. Check out our guide on how to get your business running again after a large loss.

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Comparing Homeowners Insurance: Allstate VS State Farm

Oct 20 2020

Looking for the best home insurance policy for you? We’ve selected two of the most popular providers, Allstate and State Farm, and have compared them both. Here you’ll learn their pros and cons as well as their similarities and differences.

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Does Insurance Cover My Water Damage?

Jun 17 2019

Don’t get caught off guard when water damages your home. One of the more common questions we hear is “Does my insurance policy cover water damage?” In most cases, it can, but there are exceptions. Here’s a general overview of what’s covered and what’s not.

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What’s Covered by My Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?

Jul 31 2018

Homeowner’s insurance policies can be confusing. It’s hard to determine what’s covered and even what isn’t under the most basic policy. Learn more about the most common insurance policy and what you can do to make the insurance process easier.

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