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Preventing Disaster While Kids Are Home Alone

Apr 07 2014

The summer is almost here which means those kids with working parents may soon find themselves home alone for a large chunk of the day. If your children are old enough to do this, make sure that you first speak to them about safety in the home, ensuring that no preventable disasters will occur. Some…

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The Anatomy of a Tornado

Mar 04 2014

Tornado season is once again upon us. If you live in an area that has the potential to be hit by a tornado, make sure to be prepared. Taking the steps beforehand to ready your home will make a huge impact in what the outcome will be. In addition to this, take a moment to…

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How to Protect Your Home From Harsh Winter Storms

Jan 06 2014

Are you prepared for winter? Here are the past record-breaking temperatures Minnesota has seen and what you can do to make sure you stay safe and warm this winter.

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Preparing and Reacting During a Hailstorm

Nov 26 2013

Hailstorms often accompany severe thunderstorms–particularly tornadoes, which they often precede. Hailstorms can cause millions of dollars in property damage–to homes, businesses, and vehicles. Solid balls of ice falling from the sky–some as large as tennis balls–can present a serious threat to both personal property and personal safety. Knowing how to prepare and react during a…

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Stay or Leave: When to Evacuate During a Disaster

Jul 30 2013

Before or during a natural disaster it can be hard to determine whether or not you should remain to ride out the storm or evacuate the area. The only disasters where you have the luxury of this decision are tornadoes, hurricanes, and maybe some floods. Most others strike with little to no warning–forcing you to…

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5 Tips to Prepare for Spring Flooding

May 30 2013

Spring is the season for floods. As a transitional season, most parts of the U.S receive a lot of precipitation during the spring. Severe storms are also characteristic of spring weather and with them, heavy rainfall. In a short span of time these heavy rains can severe cause flooding. Floods build quickly, more even quicker,…

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The First 48: What NOT to do in the First Hours after a Disaster

Apr 18 2013

When disaster strikes you are often confused and feel a little bit lost.  Panic, at times grief and even depression can quickly set in.   Instead of ensuing panic and stress, you and your loved ones can take control of the situation with this short check list of things you should not do in the first…

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