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A Guide to Fireworks in Minnesota

Jun 18 2018

Fireworks are often a source of entertainment and delight for many Minnesota residents. Whether it’s the 4th of July or some other exciting holiday, who doesn’t enjoy seeing sparks fly and hearing the squeals, whistles, and booms of some fireworks? There are many types of fireworks! Some shoot high into the air while others dazzle…

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Understanding El Nino

Oct 20 2015

El Nino is an atmosphere/ocean phenomenon that occurs every 2-7 years. During El Nino the equator region of the Pacific Ocean warms up—hotter than usual—for an extended period of time. This abnormal warmth alters thunderstorm patterns, which then, in turn, alters the position of the jet streams.

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Minneapolis Heroes Breakfast

May 12 2014

There are hundreds of heroes in our community who work long hours to keep our homes, schools, and businesses safe. These brave men and women face disasters head on, working tirelessly to keep the community and those around them safe. Because of this, the American Red Cross will honor them with a breakfast in Minneapolis…

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5 Tips to Prepare for Spring Flooding

May 30 2013

Spring is the season for floods. As a transitional season, most parts of the U.S receive a lot of precipitation during the spring. Severe storms are also characteristic of spring weather and with them, heavy rainfall. In a short span of time these heavy rains can severe cause flooding. Floods build quickly, more even quicker,…

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Welcome to Our New Site!

Jan 10 2013

We’re very excited to introduce our new website.  We hope that through it, we can better help, serve, and work with everyone interested in us and what we are about.  We appreciate your patience while waiting for these changes, but we are sure that you’ll like what we’ve done! Please feel free to browse through…

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