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How to Prevent Basement Floods

Aug 27 2018

Depending on where you live you will likely experience something that can cause your basement to flood. From leaky pipes to natural disasters, there are several preventative measures you can take to either reduce the damage or prevent a flood entirely. If you’ve already experienced a basement flood you can always contact your water damage…

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Rapid Restoration’s Complete Guide to Water Damage

Feb 19 2018

Water damage can be scary and hard to deal with, which is why we’ve compiled a guide about everything you should know about water damage. Are you wondering how you can prevent water from damaging your home? Did you come home to a flooded basement and don’t know what to do? Be prepared to handle…

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What is Water Damage Restoration?

May 24 2017

Water damage restoration is the process before or after water has leaked or flooded into/on a surface. Flooding and similar accidents can be remedied by companies that handle water damage. Restoring water damage may be a process of: Identifying the source Assessing the damage Water removal through dehumidifying or suction Repair and Restoration Companies are…

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What to do in the Moments After a Water Disaster

Feb 17 2017

What should you do in the 24 hours after a water disaster?

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June is National Safety Awareness Month

Jun 07 2016

June is National Safety Awareness Month. Here’s a few tips from the National Safety Council to take home to your families and to discuss at your workplace.

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The True Cost of a House Flood – Infographic

Apr 19 2016

The cost of flooding is real, to your home, business, and your health. Learn what the real cost of flooding looks like here with this infographic.

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World Water Day: 10 Amazing Great Lakes Facts and Pictures

Mar 18 2016

For World Water Day, we’ve put together some amazing pictures and facts about the Great Lakes because they are an important water source to our communities in and around Minnesota.

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Major Causes of Sump Pump Failure

Feb 05 2016

The sump pump — it’s supposedly on your team, fighting the battle to remove collected water in the sump basin in the basement of your residence. But what happens to your home when it breaks? Why does it break down?

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Preparing Your Home for the Extreme Cold

Jan 12 2016

Extreme cold conditions can pose a serious threat to your home and family if you’re unprepared. Maintaining the home and keeping adequate emergency supplies on hand will keep you safe and take away the stress associated with potentially harsh winter conditions.

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Top 4 Ways To Make Your Home More Weather Resilient Infographic

Dec 16 2015

Winter comes quick and with that comes storms. Take these top four ways you can make your home weather resilient and stay nice and warm. Call us for any emergency needs for storm damage.

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