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How to Prevent Basement Floods

Aug 27 2018

Flooded basements are the worst! Plus, they can be caused by so many things: heavy rain, a burst water heater, and even a clogged pipe. Don’t get caught with thousands of dollars of water damage. Prevent potential flooding with these tips.

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Rapid Restoration’s Complete Guide to Water Damage

Feb 19 2018

From flooded basements to ice dams, there are a number of ways water could be damaging your home. Check out our complete guide on what to do when water damages your home and how to take care of the problem before it gets worse.

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What Is Water Damage Restoration?

May 24 2017

Cleaning up your home after a water disaster is a lot more than removing the water and drying your carpet. Find out what goes into restoring your home after it’s been damaged by water, including the drying, deodorization, and reparation processes.

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What Should You Do After a Water Disaster?

Feb 17 2017

What should you do in the 24 hours after a water disaster? Here are the effects of water damage on your home and what you should do to safely and effectively remove the water to get your home back to normal.

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How to Prevent Ice Dams

Dec 12 2016

Ice dams can be a big problem in Minnesota. An ice dam that isn’t taken care of can lead to a roof leak or worse—a collapsed roof altogether. Check out these simple steps that you can take now to prevent ice dams from forming.

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The True Cost of a House Flood – Infographic

Apr 19 2016

How much does a house flood actually cost to you? While it varies based on the extent of the damage and the cause, it can get pricey. Learn more about the common causes of flooding and how much it actually costs with our helpful infographic.

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Major Causes of Sump Pump Failure

Feb 05 2016

The sump pump — it’s supposedly on your team, fighting the battle to remove collected water in the sump basin in the basement of your residence. But what happens to your home when it breaks? Why does it break down?

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Top 4 Ways To Make Your Home More Weather Resilient Infographic

Dec 16 2015

Winter comes quick and with that comes storms. Take these top four ways you can make your home weather resilient and stay nice and warm. Call us for any emergency needs for storm damage.

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Summer Cooling Maintenance Tips

Jul 18 2015

Summer is here which means you probably have your air conditioner or swamp cooler cranked! To ensure they keep working properly, here are some summer cooling maintenance tips. To keep you cool all summer long!

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Tips to Prevent Water Damage from Snow Melt

Nov 10 2014

Don’t let snow melt damage your home this winter! Follow these tips to prevent damage from snow melt and keep your house safe and warm all season long.

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