Antimicrobial products are typically separated into two categories. Antibiotics and cleaning products. The overall goal of antimicrobial products is to kill any microorganisms or stop their growth. We use antimicrobial products to clean and sanitize any surfaces or areas that may be contaminated.



A biohazard is a risk to human health or the environment arising from biological work, especially with microorganisms. Our hazardous cleanup involves the cleaning and disinfection of areas that have come into contact with any hazardous materials. This can include sewage backup, chemical contamination, bodily fluids, and more.

Board Up

Boarding up is the process of installing boards on the windows and doors of a property to protect it from storms, vandalism, or looters. Here at Rapid Restoration, we are board-up experts and can help you take care of any damage that has been done to your property.


Contamination Cleanup

Contamination cleanup is the process of cleaning up any toxic materials such as arsenic, petroleum, and dioxins. This process is dangerous and requires expertise and the correct equipment in order to be done correctly. We have the experience and the equipment to clean up any hazardous materials that may have contaminated your property.

Contents Cleaning

Content cleaning is the process in which certified professionals will employ steps to clean, sanitize, and deodorize items that have been damaged by smoke, sewage, mold, or water. Not only can he help you restore your home, but we can also help you restore any valued items in your home or business.


Debris Removal

Our debris removal services include removing various types of debris from your home or business. Debris can be left behind from events such as disasters or construction. This process is typically covered by property insurance policies. If you are unsure if debris removal is covered by your insurance, let us know and we’ll happily work with your insurance company.


The process of decontamination is used to neutralize or remove any dangerous substances, radioactivity, or germs from an area or object. Our decontamination process involves the sanitization and sterilization of any areas or surfaces that may need it. It is our goal to help business owners and families feel as safe as possible.


Dehumidification is the removal of water from the air, which is typically done after excessive water damage is done to the home. Our dehumidification equipment will take ambient air and will treat it before it is exhausted back into the environment. This will help restore any areas or objects that were damaged.


Deodorization refers to removing any unpleasant odors in the environment. This process is typically done using products and equipment that help neutralize the odor level. Deodorization is the best way to get rid of the smell of any lingering smoke after a fire.


Different from sanitation, our disinfection process includes using the right equipment and products to destroy any bacteria that might be present in your home or business. We do this process to help home and business owners feel safer in their properties.



Fogging is the process of using a chemical disinfectant to disinfect and sterilize entire rooms. Typically done with a professional fog machine, this leaves a fog-like look throughout the room in hopes of disinfecting the entire area. This process is done when an entire area needs to be disinfected from disease or virus.


Home Insurance

Home insurance, or homeowner’s insurance, is a type of property insurance that covers a private residency. Home insurance will typically cover any damage done by disasters such as fire, water, or mold. Insurance can be tricky! To help, we’ll take care of your claim after you’ve opened it.

Home Warranty

A home warranty is a contract that agrees to provide a homeowner with discounted repair and replacements of services or appliances. Not to be confused with home insurances, home warranties are typically optional while home insurance is required in most cases.

Hydroxyl Treatment

Our hydroxyl treatment consists of generators that are used to eliminate odors and break down volatile organic compounds in indoor environments. This is a safe process that will help remove any unwanted odors and treat the air.


Large Loss

A large loss is a term used by insurance companies to describe a set of catastrophic damages. These damages may be caused by fire, flood, earthquake, or any number of unforeseen disasters. Typically, the damage will cover a large area and the majority of the structure needs to be replaced.


Mold Remediation

Mold remediation usually includes the disposal of moldy, porous building materials such as drywall, insulation, etc. It also includes cleaning and disinfecting the areas that have been contaminated by the mold. This is done after excessive water damage, our team has the expertise and equipment to get rid of the mold and make sure it doesn’t come back.



Reconstruction is the process of redoing construction after the damage has been done. As a full-service property restoration company, we can help you through every step of the recovery process. We’ll clean up the mess and rebuild any damaged area of your home or business.


Restoration is the act of returning something to a former condition. As a restoration company, we’ll help restore your home to what it was before any damage. We can help with water, fire, mold damage, and more!



Our sanitation process is done to reduce or eliminate pathogenic agents on any surfaces or areas. While you may sometimes be able to sanitize your home and building on your own, we suggest using a professional at times of outbreak or when sanitizing large areas.


This is the process of making something free from bacteria or other living microorganisms. We take our sterilization process very seriously. We have the tools and equipment to both sterilize and sanitize your home or building to help get rid of any outbreak that may have occurred.


ULV Treatment

ULV stands for Ultra-low volume and it is a treatment used to disinfect biocide, fungicides, and pesticides. Our ULV fogging machines generate a mist that is formed of ultra-low volume and can help disinfect large or small areas.



This is an action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property. This can include things such as spray painting, shattered windows, and defacing someone’s garage. Vandalism is stressful enough, so let us come out and help restore your home or business to how it was before.



Our waterproofing process will make your home or business water-resistant so that it remains relatively unaffected by any ingress of water. This can help protect the landscape of your home from any rain or moisture that comes in contact with it.

Water Damage

Water damage includes various possible losses caused by water intruding into your home or business. This damage is typically caused by extreme weather or floods and can cause the growth of mold in your home. We are experts in water damage and can help restore your home or business after damage has occurred.

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