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When you’re faced with a water emergency, it’s hard to know what to do. We get a lot of questions about water damage and the best ways to fix the problem, so we’ve compiled a list of some commonly asked questions about water damage.

If you have any additional questions that aren’t answered here about what to do after your home has been damaged by water, call us!

Can I clean up the water myself?

While some sources of water damage can be cleaned up yourself, it’s safer to hire a professional. Not only can a professional restoration company clean up all the water safely, they’ll also make sure to restore your home and prevent mold growth.

Will my homeowner’s policy pay for water damage cleanup?


It depends on what caused the damage. Usually water damage caused by overflowing rivers and lakes won’t be covered. If it was caused by burst pipes or a damaged roof, then your insurance company should pay for water extraction and all other aspects of the recovery.

How long until my home is dry again?

Drying times vary depending on the area and types of material damage. Usually, however, we are able to finish the drying process within 3 to 5 days. In every case, we will work quickly to get the area thoroughly dried and dehumidified as quickly as possible.

Help! My basement flooded! What can I do?

Give us a call! At Rapid Restoration, we understand the urgency of water damage situations, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services and a fast response time. As soon as we arrive, our highly trained crew members will begin the water damage mitigation process.

What are the effects of water damage?

Many of the effects of water damage are obvious. If your home has been damaged by water, you’ll often find:

  • Mold growth
  • A musty, moldy smell
  • Dark spots on walls
  • Warped walls and floors
  • Damage to furniture
  • Peeled paint

Is my home at risk of mold after a water disaster?

Mold thrives in moisture and can start growing in as little as 24-48 hours. Mold can also grow in porous surfaces, including walls, carpets, and the ceiling if your property isn’t dried properly. When you hire a restoration company, you can be sure that your home won’t be at risk once the damage is fixed. If you do find mold in your home after a water emergency, we can clean that up, too!

Will my carpet need to be replaced?

It depends.

The source of the water and how bad the damage was can determine whether or not the carpet can be saved. If the water came from a sewage source or some other toxic source, it is best to replace the carpet. If the water was safe, it is possible to just dry and deodorize your carpet without replacing it.

Can I upgrade my home instead of restoring it to how it was?


Your insurance company might not cover the cost of the renovations, but if most of your furniture needed to be moved because of the damage, it’s the perfect time to do any remodeling projects you had in mind!

Do I need to hire a separate contractor to do any necessary reconstruction?


Rapid Restoration is a full-service restoration company, which means that not only do we clean up any water damage, we also do any necessary reconstruction! You don’t have to worry about hiring a separate company to finish the job.

Where can I learn more about water damage?

If you want to learn more about water damage, you can check out our complete guide to water damage! It outlines ways to prevent a water disaster and even what you should do after you’ve found your home was damaged by water.


Rapid Restoration was excellent to work with on a water damage issue I had discovered. They worked with me on cleaning an affected surface as well as air quality testing so we could have exact information for the best health of the home. They were able to get started the same day and were professional and wonderful to work with from the first phone call through the completion of the job…I appreciated that this team had the skill and abilities to provide information and work up possible plans from “best case to worst case scenario” then take the most fitting action. We found a perfect result for the home at much lower cost than could have been the case without such an honest exam.

Jenna D.

I have used Rapid Restoration multiple times on our home we live in as well as rental properties. They are the BEST! They are quick to respond, they handle all the insurance headaches, and do top notch work at a fair price. They check in regularly to make sure we are happy with the work and their crew is so friendly! I would highly recommend them!

Vicki S.

I’ve used Rapid Restoration DKI numerous times on my residence and a rental property that I own. I’ve always had courteous, professional treatment. They were very responsive to my requests and provided accurate, timely estimates. I was most impressed at how quickly they were able to respond to issue that required immediate attention so that damage did not reach other areas of the home. By definition, this company is responding to homeowners who are in dire straits, and yet I always felt like I was treated fairly and they provided a value service.

Greg W.

A few days after Christmas, when it rained here in MN. Water started to leak into our basement! After trying to keep up with the water, it was clear we were losing and needed help. When i called Rapid Restoration it was well into the after hours side of things. Chad sent two gentlemen Josh and John who were absolutely fantastic and quick acting! They were able to Isolate the water, and also took over the process of removing the water. Their follow up in the days following this mess was also on point. I highly recommend this company, they certainly saved the day!

Sara L.

We Have used DKI many times and they have always been professional and prompt with great service and quality workmanship!

Kelly N.

General Manager, Chad, fully delivers for Rapid Restoration DKI customers! Employees are also top-notch, meticulous, respectful and knowledgeable. Our family has unfortunately had to utilize the services they provide twice now and both times we were extremely satisfied at the end of a negative situation for any homeowner. Highly recommended.

Andrew S.

Rapid helped me with a water damage repair in the basement of a home that we were buying last summer. They responded quickly, got the job done, and sent all the information to my mortgage company for me. I would highly recommend Rapid Restoration if you are in need of help in your home or place of business. The technicians and office staff are very friendly and have great communication throughout the process.

Ashley Langiewicz

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